Building Dreams One Nail At A Time

“After thoroughly researching and comparing all of the areas homebuilders, Greenleaf Farms was the obvious choice. We plan to live in our home for many years and desired a builder with an unsurpassed reputation for quality and customer satisfaction. We are extremely pleased with our home as it is well-designed, and made of the latest and best quality materials. Because of the utilization of master craftsmen and highly experienced subcontractors, the attention to detail is top notch and the finish work is impeccable. It all came together, resulting in a beautiful home.”

“Building a home with the Tomaiolo Family of Greenleaf Farms was an enjoyable, rewarding, and collaborative experience. The Tomaiolo’s took the time to listen to our needs , and then followed through during every step in the building process to ensure that we were satisfied. The Tomaiolo’s believe in building a relationship as well as a home and their level of commitment to their client is representative of that approach. We were very impressed with everyone’s care to ensure our home was built the way we wanted it and have complete confidence that we made the right choice.”

“I want to extend the most sincere appreciation from our family to the entire Greenleaf Farms development team for providing us with our wonderful home on Meadow Hill Road. The entire process from day one was a very enjoyable experience and we truly appreciate the efforts that went into making the project flow so smoothly. The attention given to detail and dedication to quality combined with your steadfast commitment to respecting timelines and performing within deadlines impressed us the entire way.

Both the process and the finished product exceeded our expectations!

I can’t tell you how many people I spoke to during the process who had been through a construction project and were intrigued to hear details of how this project had been going for us. Fully 100% of the feedback I got from others reinforced the feelings I had that partnering with Greenleaf Farms to build a home is a unique experience with unparalleled quality.”

Greenleaf Farms Development