Live Green

Energy Efficient Homes

Greenleaf is vigilant in keeping up with the latest technology in order to build a more energy efficient home while keeping a balance between cost and material. While total “green” building is a possibility for those that want it, the following are the standards we incorporate currently as a matter of course.

1. Tight construction

  • All exterior joints and rim joists are sealed to prevent air infiltration
  • All electrical outlets located in exterior wall are sealed with air-barrier outlet boxes to prevent air infiltration
  • Continuous air/vapor barrier at all plumbing and heating penetrations to prevent air infiltration
  • Recessed lighting is in an air-locked canister for increased insulation and to prevent air infiltration
  • Foundation waterproofing eliminates wet basement problems
  • 2 X 6 construction

2. Tight ducts

  • Sealed ductwork (supplies and returns) to prevent air leakage
    in wall cavities and to provide air pressure balance in ducts.

3. High Performance Anderson windows

  • Low E which blocks ultra violet rays

4. Therma Tru doors are insulated and rated high efficiency.

5. Improved insulation R-38 in the ceilings, R-21 in the walls

6. Heating and Air conditioning systems

  • 90-93% efficient gas furnaces
  • Programmable thermostats to reduce heat and A/C when
  • Not at home or sleeping
  • High efficiency ceiling fans which can save up to 40% of summer cooling costs and 10% of winter heating

7. Appliances

  • Most appliances are energy star but this is the buyers choice



  • RADON mitigation piping is installed in the walls of the home in case there is a future need for the buyer to install a system.
  • Improved balance of energy efficiency and air filtration
  • Central Vacuum systems to again reduce allergens and dust mites


  • Water conservation: Water flow restrictors in all bathrooms
  • Hardi – Plank is used for the siding. It is a fiber cement product which when primed on both sides needs painting every 10 – 15 years. It requires little maintenance and it is fire resistant and insect resistant.
  • The outside trim is a composite instead of pine. Again it requires minimal maintenance. It is made from recycled white plastic.

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